Posted By: Sean Akell

Maintaining a safe and productive work environment should be a top priority in any facility. More and more companies are putting programs in place to improve the working environment and thereby increase the performance of workers.

Audible noise is one of the factors most commonly present on the manufacturing floor since the operation of any equipment or machinery involves the generation of noise at some level. Usually, the lower the technology of the equipment, the greater the intensity of the noise emitted, reaching in some cases to exceed the tolerable or legally allowed levels.

In addition to the risk of hearing loss, excessive noise has been known to cause physiological effects such as fatigue, tinnitus, lack of concentration and stress, even at levels well below 85 decibels (dB). Keeping people working in environments with excessive noise is a safe bet for reduced productivity and lost time.

What can be done to reduce noise? In this blog post from Parker, several corrective actions are outlined, including adding a Parker IPS cabinet. Check it out.

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