Posted By: Bill  Anderson

Omron NJ5 EtherCAT
Want to enhance your semiconductor operation? Omron's dedicated hardware solution with motion, EtherCAT and SECS/GEM communication is the perfect solution for your industry.

The Semiconductor version of the NJ Machine Automation Controller allows for direct communication to the Host PC

  • Single controller for motion, networks, and communication with Semiconductor systems
  • Eliminates points of failure in gateway PC and specialized software for High-Speed SECS Message Services (HSMS)
  • Supports Ethernet, TCP/IP, E37 HSMS-SS, E5 SECS II, and E30 GEM protocol layers
  • Event Notification and Alarm Management Functions
  • Includes SECS/GEM log viewer for debug and maintenance
  • Embedded EtherCAT for realtime I/O, motion, vision, and safety

Check out all of the features, specs, and ordering info on the NJ5 Semiconductor product page.

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