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Yaskawa Sigma Trac II Product Page

Need precise, high speed and repeatable linear motion, without the time-consuming process of designing your own linear stages? Use Yaskawa's motion engineering expertise to spare your overworked engineers the effort of specifying, designing and sourcing components, assembly jigs, and test equipment. Their expertly designed, manufactured, and tested mechatronic solutions give your machine a faster time to market and your engineering team more time to innovate

Sigma Trac II is a complete linear motion solution. Each component in Sigma Trac II is fully assembled and tested:

  • Coil and magnets
  • Bearings
  • Programming without main power through embedded USB port.
  • Encoder
  • Cables
  • Cable management
  • Optional bellows
  • Optional X-Y mounting kit
See all of the specs, model numbers, and literature on the Yaskawa Sigma Trac II product page.

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