Posted By: Sean Akell

Robotiq Lean Robotics Audio Book

How productive was your robot today? For the majority of manufacturers, this question is irrelevant. Because even if you know that robots are about to change your factory for the better, you likely haven't installed your first one yet. Perhaps that's because deploying a robotic cell seems too costly and complicated. If you're a first-time robot user, how can you get started? How do you get from your initial idea to a productive, working robot? And if you've already got a few robotic deployments under your belt, how can you scale up your robotics efforts throughout your factory - or across multiple factories?

The answers can be found in Lean Robotics: a methodology for simplifying robotic cell deployments. The book, written by Robotiq CEO Samuel Bouchard, is now available in an audio book format. Check it out.

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