Posted By: Ryan Weaver

Cobot Awareness Month January 2020

Since developing the first commercially viable cobot in 2008, Universal Robots has become the market leader in collaborative automation. To kick off the new decade, they're celebrating the first National Cobot Awareness Month to tell the world how their 39,000+ installed base of cobots are helping solve manufacturing's top challenges.

The cobot revolution is usually measured in productivity, quality, and uptime gains, but another key benefit of cobots is their fast return on investment. With Universal Robots, cobots typically pay for themselves in a matter of months. Check out what several of their customers have to say about their investment in UR.

If you still have questions about getting started with cobots you can download UR's series of e-books which will answer questions about how to get your team on board and whether or not you are too small for robotics.

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