Posted By: Christian Gervin


Want high-quality, fast and permanent marking for your parts and assemblies?

Omron's MX-Z2000H Fiber Laser Marker is a flexible solution for marking metals, plastics, resins and other materials that makes it easier than ever to set up a robust, real-time traceability system.

Thanks to its integrated vision, the MX-Z2000H doesn't require rigid fixtures for part positioning. It orients parts, marks parts, and verifies the marks in just one step. Enhanced 3D marking enables code placement on spherical, conical and other curved surfaces.

Key features of the MX-Z2000H:

  • G-DAC (Galvano Dynamic Acceleration Control) for high-speed, clear marking
  • Direct Finder Link for vision system connectivity
  • Fine Detail and Deep Marking modes
  • Durable IP65 laser head
More information on the MX-Z2000H

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