Posted By: Nathan Desrochers

Are you interested in setting up a machine vision lab at your facility or looking for options to improve your lab equipment for proof of concept on vision applications? For a limited time, you can acquire the new FHV7 smart camera from Omron Automation at a very special price. They have created a kit with a steep pricing discount to make it easy to buy a unit for lab and testing purposes.

The Omron FHV7 is an all-in-one camera with the main capabilities of the high-performance FH series vision system packed in a compact and configurable package that is easy to deploy. What makes the FHV7 even smarter are unique capabilities that Omron incorporated for the first time in the industry. Features like multi-color light, best-in-class resolution, auto-focus lenses, high-speed inspection and easy programming combined in an all-in-one camera are unique features from Omron.

If you are interested, check out the deal, which is available until September 30th, 2020.

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