Posted By: Zach Darasz

Parker HLR Maintenance

Video has become an increasingly important form of media in B2B markets and maintenance is well suited to this type of format. It is often easier to show how to prevent or fix a problem than it is to explain in a wordy repair manual. That's why most companies have established YouTube channels as valuable knowledge resources for technicians and engineers responsible for maintaining equipment, both in plants and out in the field.

At Parker, video has been used to provide maintenance support for the new HLR range of electromechanical linear actuators. These three-minute productions cover a broad range of topics including 'How to re-lubricate an HLR actuator', 'How to re-tension the HLR toothed belt' and 'How to replace the HLR steel strip cover'.

They also detail the assembly of the HLR within an application, covering areas such as 'How to mount a gearbox to an HLR', and 'How to set up an HLR two axes configuration'. In each case, the videos have been made to get technical information across in a clear and concise manner that supports the more productive working of the maintenance professional.

You can visit Parker EMDE YouTube support to see the various tutorials already online.

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