Posted By: Josh Gustafson

Introducing the Kvaser Memorator Light HS v2; the simple, automatic solution for troubleshooting any CAN-based system. The Kvaser Memorator Light HS v2 is designed as a 'plug and play' data logger, with absolutely no set-up required. Based on the same advanced technology platform as the Kvaser Memorator Pro 5xHS, the Memorator Light HS v2 boasts all-round component performance improvements and easy-to-use features.

Auto-baud detection: Ensures that the Kvaser Memorator Light HS v2 automatically detects the bit rate of the CANbus upon being connected. Data begins to be logged upon detection of bus activity.

Built-in 1GB flash disk: Strikes the balance between providing more than enough memory to capture several hours of data, while keeping log files at a manageable size for timely transfer and processing.

Two FIFO buffers: One buffer that logs all messages on the bus and one that logs messages before and after an error frame. This allows the datalogger to be plugged into a CAN network and left continuously connected until a fault condition occurs.

For those without the time or inclination to program complex datalogging functions, the Kvaser Memorator Light HS v2 standalone datalogger is the ultimate 'fit and forget' solution for CAN data collection during test drives and intermittent fault finding.

  • No preconfiguration or software setup required.
  • Autobaud function determines CAN bus bit rate.
  • Two FIFO buffers; one logs all messages on the bus, the other buffer logs approximately 1000 messages before and after an error frame.
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