Posted By: Sean Akell

Moxa Digital Transformation IIoT Edge Gateways

Digital transformation is reshaping the industrial marketplace as we unlock the benefits of collecting information from remote and distributed systems. Emerging IIoT architectures have also evolved over time, so it's important to select the appropriate hardware to best support each architecture. Learn how Moxa and Inductive Automation customers are currently deploying modern architectures to collect data from remote or distributed critical assets, along with tips on features and hardware you will want to consider in your deployment.

Join Moxa on June 23rd at 2 PM EDT as they discuss the key elements to digital transformation with IIoT edge gateways & Ignition™.

What You'll Learn:
  1. Topology examples showing the pros and cons of different approaches.
  2. Tips on best features and guidelines for selecting the right hardware for deployment.
  3. Taking the long-term operational mindset, including support and product lifecycle.


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