Posted By: Sean Akell

If you recently purchased a Universal Robots cobot and are looking to get trained, our in-person training classes are returning this month. Sign up for our class on Tuesday June 29th by emailing sean.akell@axisne.com The price is $495 per person and the class covers everything you need to get your robot up and running and making your life easier.

This training provides an opportunity to explore the capabilities, programming environment, and applications possible with Universal Robots e-Series. This hands on session is a must for anyone considering robotic applications. Classes are kept to a minimum of students to optimize instructor and robot access. Universal Robots is a ground breaking technology that expands automation possibilities for advanced as well as first time users. The powerful yet easy to use interface greatly eases the programming requirement for robotic applications. In some cases these robots can be installed without enclosures, further reducing integration time and costs, and easing their flexibility and re-deployment.

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