Posted By: Sean Akell

New Way Air Bearings Air Spindles

While they may have started exclusively with linear-motion-focused products, New Way Air Bearings® is proud to provide a wide array of products for rotational motion as well—chief among them— the air spindle. New Way Air Spindles are a revolutionary application of their foundational Porous Media Technology™. Whereas the traditional options like Flat Round and Flat Rectangular Air Bearings use their porous carbon to create a micro-thin air cushion between the air bearing and its guide surface, here they apply that same principle between the rotor and stator of the spindle.

By removing contact bearings, with their surface defects and inherent motion, asynchronous error is almost entirely eliminated, speed is increased, and downtime due to wear and tear is removed entirely.

Air Spindles are ideal for rotary motion applications which require high speed, high precision, and no risk of outgassing into the environment. Here, we'll cover how one of their most valuable customers uses air spindles, as well as their numerous applications and the full breadth of the product line.

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