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Universal Robots Risk Assessment Made Easy

UR pioneered the development of robot power and force limiting technology, knowing that in bringing down the barriers to automation deployment --both literally and figuratively speaking—safety would be both an enabler of widespread cobot adoption and a necessity for successful human-robot collaboration.

And so, from the risk assessment sections of the UR User Manual to the safety guidance provided through the UR Academy to the numerous safety information resources available through UR Support, safety has always been a central consideration for UR's approach to collaborative robot design through robot application implementation.

Universal Robots Support provides a wide selection of safety articles, including a Safety FAQ and detailed guides to using their cobots' safety features, such as 'Setting Up Safety Boundaries'.

Here are some other great places on the UR website to learn about cobot safety:

  • 'Safety Made Easy' –a comprehensive summary of cobot safety topics.
  • 'e-Series Safety Functions' -explains your UR e-Series cobot's safety functions, what they involve and what is controlled when the function is activated.
  • 'Safety FAQ' -links to essential resources and a glossary of cobot safety terms.
Read more on cobot safety resources.

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