Posted By: Zach Darasz

Mobile Industrial Robots E-Book Automate Your Internal Logistics

Global labor issues continue to boost manufacturers' and logistics companies' need to automate low-value, manual tasks such as material transport. Automating internal logistics with autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) is a strategic, cost-effective solution that can also improve employee safety and workflows. Asking the right questions will help guide your decision and give you confidence that you're moving in the right direction when choosing your autonomous mobile robot (AMR).

In this e-book MiR (Mobile Industrial Robots) will guide you through which questions to ask when finding your AMR supplier, including:

  • What are your goals for automation?
  • What do you need to transport?
  • What are you environmental characteristics?
  • Do you have industry specific requirements for your AMR?
  • What is your need for global and local support?
  • And much more
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