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New England Union ActiNav UR Case Story

New England Union Company (NEU) is a family-owned foundry and machine shop that makes brass threaded pipe fittings for the plumbing and shipping industries. NEU replaced outdated equipment with modern CNC machines, but manufacturing staffing remains a challenge in Rhode Island. To address labor shortages and longer cycle times, the company deployed a UR10e cobot and ActiNav bin picking system to run untended all night long. With ActiNav, NEU can increase output with the same number of employees.

"The ActiNav system has a big bin with enough parts that fit in that bin where we don't have to worry about it stopping. It can run all through the night. We come back to finished parts, and it's a beautiful thing."
- Andrew Lieffers
NEU Operations Manager

Read the full case story and watch the video.

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