Posted By: Sean Akell

Neurala AI Vision Pharma

In 2017, the CDC estimated that the average wait time in a US emergency room was about 40 minutes, with more than 22 million visits requiring patients to wait for over an hour. While going to the emergency room is never fun – with long wait times, frustration and exhaustion becoming the norm – part of the issue stems from the fact that not all cases are true emergencies. Global pandemic aside, health care simply takes a lot of time and resources. It also scales with the quantity, quality and speed of the human personnel involved.

In a move that will perhaps be a prelude for bigger changes down the road, the FDA approved the first AI-augmented diagnostic system for diabetic retinopathy back in 2018. Thanks to the intelligence and competence built into the machine's software, the system can be handled by any operator, eliminating the need for a dedicated and hard-to-find specialist.

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