Posted By: Nathan Desrochers

Universal Robots Unilever Poland Case Story

The Unilever plant in Katowice, Poland employs around 400 people working in two production halls. Dariusz Ratajczak, Automation Senior Specialist at Unilever, explains that for a long time the company faced difficulties in keeping and finding employees for monotonous, manual tasks related to packaging and palletizing – tasks that were often also strenuous due to the product sizes handled. Unilever needed a solution automating these processes; however, finding a flexible robot with appropriate payload and reach, as well as intuitive handling and programming was challenging. Particular tasks were to be divided into sub-processes in order to systematically automate individual phases, freeing people from strenuous tasks and involving them in more value-added ones.

Read the full case story from Universal Robots and watch the video.

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