Posted By: Bill  Anderson

Omron MicroHAWK V/F Series

By combining barcode reading and inspection tasks into a single device, the MicroHAWK platform offers manufacturers greater flexibility in production line layouts, cuts hardware-related costs and dramatically reduces wiring and maintenance work. Why use multiple devices when a single camera can do it all?

Features of the new MicroHAWK platform:

  • Multiple sensor options including 0.3MP monochrome, 1.2MP monochrome, and 5MP color camera for enhanced precision
  • Long-lasting liquid autofocus lens for greater flexibility
  • Compact size for easy mounting in tight locations
  • Wide variety of I/O interfaces, including EtherNet/IP and PROFINET
With powerful autofocus capabilities and exceptional resolution, the MicroHAWK V/F400 and V/F300 Series enables inspections on high-mix production lines from multiple points using a single device.

MicroHAWK Product Page

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