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Posted By: Zach Darasz

Moxa NPort Selection Guide

Many older devices and equipment were not designed for modern Ethernet communication but do have a serial or console port. You can easily connect these devices to a network using Moxa's NPort. There are a wide selection of easy-to-use options, including models with enhanced security features and management tools.

Wide Selection
Extensive selection of form factors, communication interfaces, and features to cover different deployment scenarios and environments.

Highly Reliable
Proven hardware designed to run uninterrupted in harsh environments for years without disconnection.

Easy to Use
Intuitive UI and time-saving features for quick configuration, easy deployment, and future maintenance.

Secure Connectivity
It's more important than ever to protect your connected devices against security threats and intrusions, especially if they are used in critical infrastructure. That's why Moxa's NPort and other connectivity devices are designed to meet or exceed IEC 62443 requirements. Their embedded security functions, powerful network management tools, and free configuration hardening guides help you ensure secure operation through the life of the product.

Compare Your Options
Click here to download an overview of the different NPort models and features.

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