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Posted By: Josh Gustafson

Omron Type 4 High-Coded Door Switches

Guards can be an efficient safety solution when implemented correctly. Unfortunately, when they are difficult to use, or when they interfere with the ability to complete tasks, operators are more likely to bypass them.

Many manufacturers have learned the hard way, discovering that the safety measure they originally implemented are no longer truly protecting their team. In these situations, high-coded door switches with OSSD (output signal switching device) outputs are essential for upholding safety best practices and protecting workers.

A recent white paper from Omron discusses the benefits of Type 4 high-coded safety door switch and best practices for their implementation.

Topics include:

  • Understanding the different coding levels and type categories
  • Alternatives to Type 4 high-coded door switches
  • The purpose of the ISO 14119 standard
  • Understanding fault masking and how to prevent it

Download the white paper

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