Motion Automation Intelligence


Posted By: Zach Darasz

This demo is a joint effort between Universal Robots and Robotiq, featuring the all new UR20 and Robotiq's Palletizing Solution. The demo highlights the improvements in performance, such as overall motion control capabilities and more than 30% increase in speed and torque.

The small footprint of the new UR20 results in a remarkably compact installation, optimizing utilization of the workspace. The new extended reach is demonstrated here stacking to the height of 1800mm, covering two standard euro (40in x 48in) pallets. The demo shows how the kinematics easily cover both the pallets and an in-feed at the same time. The unique control algorithms ensure a smooth trajectory between set points and stable pick up of the individual boxes. The complete setup is running via a standard single-phase power outlet (110-220 VAC)

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