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Posted By: Josh Gustafson

RObot27 Dispense

Dispense by Robot27 is the latest in material dispensing technology for Universal Robots. Four models suit a wide range of dispensing needs. With integrated software to control each model from the Universal Robots programming interface, dispensing becomes a breeze.

Robotic material dispensing increases consistency, reduces waste, and improves product quality. Easy and quick programming makes this system perfect for high mix/short run operations. We utilize the latest in collaborative robot technology. These robots are designed for safe operation around humans without bulky guarding and are easily moved and redeployed as your needs change.

The Robot27 material dispensing system can be quickly added to your production line right out of the box and provide one of the quickest return on investment ratios of any automation project. With three robot sizes to choose from, the system can handle everything from small parts to large work areas.

  • Ideal for repetitive dispensing applications
  • No more missed spots, over/under dispensing
  • Reduce waste and increase throughput
  • Program with physical teaching
  • Guarding unnecessary, safe around workers
  • System easily relocated where needed

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