Since 1998, LMI Technologies has worked to advance 3D smart sensor technology for fast and accurate measurement. Their flagship Gocator product line helps factories achieve 100% inspection, reduce waste by optimization, and improve efficiency by simplifying automation. Trusted in the most challenging applications, their 3D solutions help customers improve control of their processes and stay ahead of the competition.

Why You Need 3D

3D technology captures the shape of an object as opposed to 2D which only captures contrast. With 3D shape, you can measure geometric features on a surface regardless of surface color. In summary, 3D offers:

  • Volumetric measurement (X,Y, and Z-axis) provides shape and position related parameters
  • Contrast invariant, ideal for inspecting low contrast objects
  • Immunity to minor lighting variation or ambient light
  • Higher repeatability due to integrated optics, lighting, and pre-calibration
  • Simpler to build multi-sensor setups for large object inspection

That's just the beginning! To learn more, read the 2D+3D white paper.

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Gocator 2500 Series

Gocator® 2500 high-speed 3D laser profile sensors provide complete 3D inspection from onboard the sensor head (including scan, measurement, and control)—at blazing speeds up to 10 kHz. Blue laser and advanced optics deliver superior data quality on micro-features and challenging material surfaces (e.g., dark, specular).

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Gocator 3504

Gocator® 3504 achieves 6.7 micron XY resolution and 0.2 micron Z repeatability at scan speeds up to 6 Hz for robust inline inspection of small parts—in applications where the target is momentarily stationary (such as connector and pin coplanarity, wire detection, surface flatness, and stent inspection).

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GoMax Smart Vision Accelerator

GoMax® provides a dedicated hardware solution to accelerate any Gocator® by adding massive GPU-driven data processing power to the sensor (or sensor network)—without the need for an industrial PC.

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Gocator – 3D Laser Line Profile Sensors

For All Your Inline Inspection and Optimization Needs

Gocator line profile sensors use a projected laser line to perform high-resolution scanning, measurement and control for automated quality inspection and material optimization at inline production speed.

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SCARA Robot with 3D Vision Inspection

SCARA robot demo featuring an Omron Adept eCobra robot, conveyor with encoder, and the LMI Gocator 2330 for 3D vision inspection. The camera locates the parts on the conveyor and the robot monitors the encoder counts and picks them up on the fly. If the scanner detects a damaged part it triggers an output to turn on a red light. The demo works at high speed with parts in any orientation.

Precision Engine Inspection

Precision engine inspection demo featuring the LMI Gocator 3220 3D snapshot sensor and a Universal Robots UR3e collaborative robot. The position of the piston and fins on the engine block is inspected and the robot receives feedback from the sensor to move to the next position. A green or red light is triggered to indicate pass or fail for the quality inspection.

Having trouble deciding which solution is right for your application? Let Axis New England help.

Our factory trained-engineers have years of experience in specifying vision systems so put our expertise to good use by contacting us today. We can walk you through each step of the process either on the phone or on-site at your facility.
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