Do you have legacy devices that you need to connect to your modern industrial network? Moxa has the answer with their Easy 3 solution for device connectivity.

With the advent of Industrial Internet of Things, automation and control engineers are challenged with connecting older equipment to Ethernet networks. This older equipment can be challenging to network and to maintain remotely. Luckily Moxa has a wide ranging portfolio of serial device servers, industrial protocol and remote I/O gateways to connect a variety of devices such as VFDs, PLCs, and sensors to industrial Ethernet networks.

Major Challenges in Smart Automation

On many factory floors devices support a mixture of fieldbus and Ethernet protocols. Some devices like sensors and RFID are often serial based. Others speak standard industrial protocols like Modbus or DNP3. Most automation engineers need to connect these devices to Ethernet-based SCADAs and HMIs to control and monitor their operations.

When making devices interoperable, many automation and control engineers have a difficult time configuring and setting up their devices to communicate over Ethernet SCADAs. This is caused by devices using different industrial communication protocols.

Once equipment is connected, engineers need visibility of their network equipment to quickly, accurately and easily diagnose and troubleshoot any issues. In addition, many automation engineers are not familiar with IT network management tools like SNMP or command line interface.

Moxa's Easy 3 for Connectivity can help you overcome these automation challenges!

NPort Serial Connectivity

  • Worldwide leader in serial-to-Ethernet
  • Moxa guarantees serial device driver support until 2025
  • Industrial Reliability: Surge protection for Serial, LAN, and power lines
  • User Friendly: Set up devices in 30 seconds or less with 3-step configuration wizard

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MGate Protocol Gateway

  • Easy to Configure: Intuitive user interface allows connection to a Modbus slave device in 60 seconds
  • Easy to troubleshoot: Free network management utility to monitor network traffic
  • High Performance: Active polling offers network speeds 10 times faster than traditional gateways

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ioLogik Remote I/O

  • Interoperability: Remote IO gateways support both OT and IT protocols
  • Easy Deployment: Two Ethernet ports allow for daisy-chaining to save on cabling and deployment time

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Having trouble deciding which solution is right for your application? Let Axis New England help.

Our factory trained-engineers have years of experience in selecting industrial networking systems so put our expertise to good use by contacting us today. We can walk you through each step of the process either on the phone or on-site at your facility.
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