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There is a whole new way of doing things… a new standard. It's all about Frictionless Motion™ and the standard-bearer is New Way Air Bearings. New Way is the world's leading independent designer and manufacturer of modular air bearing products and the recognized provider of porous media air bearing solutions, sold in over 30 countries worldwide. The company manufactures a standard line of modular, off-the-shelf components including: flat round and rectangular air bearings; vacuum preloaded air bearings; radial air bearings; air bushings; air slides; conveyor air bearings and precision chucks.

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Flat Round Air Bearings

The Flat Round Air Bearing was the very first product line offered by New Way® to utilize their Porous Media Technology™, and it's still their most popular bearing. The popularity of Flat Round Air Bearings is due to their versatility. They can be used in both linear and rotary motion applications. The bearings are shaped like a hockey puck and have a porous carbon substrate on one side. Air is forced through the carbon and must pass through the naturally winding pathways to reach the bearing surface. This journey results in a stiff, uniform cushion of air on the bearing face, creating reliable no-contact, Frictionless Motion®.

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Flat Rectangular Air Bearings

The flat rectangular air bearing stands alongside the flat round air bearing as one of the original New Way® products, and this product line is still going strong today. By employing their foundational Porous Media technology™, the flat rectangular air bearing moves across the guide surface on a 5 micrometer, thin layer of air and enables truly Frictionless Motion®.

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Air Bushings

New Way® Air Bushings are ideal for rotary or linear shaft-based applications and can be found where precision motion is required. Their air bushings provide a frictionless alternative to ball bearings through the use of their proprietary Porous Media Technology™.

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Air Bars

New Way® Air Bars offer an air bearing solution for conveyors. Through the use of their proven Porous Media Technology™, large substrates, such as glass, are conveyed via a thin but stiff, layer of air, making no contact with the bearing surface. This patented technology offers a level of precision unavailable to conventional or orifice-based designs.

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Air Spindles

New Way® Air Spindles deliver a degree of precision not achievable with conventional rolling element bearings. With only one moving part and zero contact, sub-micron synchronous error motion is standard and asynchronous error is almost entirely eliminated.

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Spherical Air Bearings

New Way® Spherical Air Bearings offer frictionless, unconstrained motion for a variety of applications. These bearings come in a wide range of standard sizes to easily integrate into your current process. Their spherical air bearings are shaped out of their Porous Media Technology to support a sphere on a stiff cushion of air. The spherical cup can also come vacuum pre-loaded for added positioning precision.

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Linear Slides

New Way® Linear Slides provide a noncontact alternative to conventional, contact-bearing-based slides. Packaged as an integrated system, New Way Linear Slides comprise a porous carbon media air bearing, housed in an aluminum stage, and matched to a precision ground, aluminum guide rail.

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