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Omron pushes the limits of presence detection, expanding existing product lines in proximity, photoelectric, and fiber-optic sensing to include longer-distance part presence, a wide variety of part detection options and robustness in the harshest conditions to keep your plant is running smoothly and consistently.

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E2E NEXT DC 3-Wire Sensors

The E2E NEXT DC 3-wire series of proximity sensors offer latest generation sensing distances that significantly reduce target contact, solve size limited applications with smaller form factor sensors, have oil resistance in harsh cutting environments, and provide real-time condition monitoring with IO-Link.

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E2E NEXT DC 2-Wire Sensors

The E2E NEXT DC 2-wire proximity sensor series offers next-generation sensing distances that significantly reduce target contact, enable the use of smaller form factors to address size-constrained applications, and withstand cutting oil in harsh cutting environments.

E2E NEXT Datasheet


The Xenus XTL panel is an AC line operated package delivering power up to 6kW. A +24 Vdc input powers control circuits ensuring keep-alive operation. Control interfaces include CANopen as well as traditional analog commands. Incremental encoder feedback is standard with optional resolver and analog encoder interfaces.

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Compact housing size and high-power LED for excellent performance-size ratio and best value-performance ratio for standard applications.

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The E3X-NA is the ideal amplifier for standard fiber applications providing quick & easy potentiometer adjustment and a bar graph display. Simple presence/absence applications can be easily addressed with th E3X-NA amplifier.

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The E3X-HD fiber-optic amplifier provides ultra-stable performance and smart tuning for high-speed, reliable detection for standard or demanding applications.

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ZX1 precision measurement sensors are self amplified sensors with up to 1m sensing distances. This family of measurement sensors can achieve up to 2um resolution depending on the model and handles a wide variety of materials with a CMOS image array.

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Compact Ultrasonic Sensor with Amplifier for Detecting a Wide Variety of Objects.

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XS3 Connector Cordsets with M8 single-ended and extension cordsets for reduced maintenance.

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XS2 Connector Cordsets with M12 watertight single-ended and extension cordsets.

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