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The Axis New England Spring Forward Automation Expo featured more than 10 collaborative robot work cells, the latest in industrial networking solutions, mobile robots, next generation motion control, and custom engineered Axis systems. Check out the individual machines in the videos below or watch the entire virtual tour to see it all.

Cobot Sanding

Cobot sanding demo featuring the Robotiq Sanding Kit and Universal Robots UR10e collaborative robot. The sanding kit is an all-in-one hardware and software solution that allows you to program as few as 6 waypoints to generate a complete path. Consistent force is applied using the built-in force-torque sensor. The kit works with all kinds of material including wood, plastic, metal, and fiberglass.

Robotiq Sanding Kit

Universal Robots e-Series Cobots

ActiNav Bin Picking Solution

Autonomous bin picking demo featuring a Universal Robots UR5e Cobot and ActiNav. The ActiNav solution uses on-board vision processing and collision-free motion planning to allow for high accuracy picks and perfect part placement in a fixture.

ActiNav Autonomous Bin Picking

Flexible Feeder Cobot Cell

Flexible feeder cell featuring the Asyril Asycube 380 feeder with hopper, SmartSight vision system, and a Universal Robots UR5e cobot. The 3-axis feeder vibrates parts at a custom frequency and amplitude while the vision system takes an image and feeds the coordinates to the robot. The robot picks the parts with a 3-jaw pneumatic gripper and a palletizing routine is used to place the parts in a grid.

Asyril Flexible Feeders

Asyril SmartSightUR e-Series Cobots

SCARA Robot with 3D Vision Inspection

SCARA robot demo featuring an Omron Adept eCobra robot, conveyor with encoder, and the LMI Gocator 2330 for 3D vision inspection. The camera locates the parts on the conveyor and the robot monitors the encoder counts and picks them up on the fly. If the scanner detects a damaged part it triggers an output to turn on a red light. The demo works at high speed with parts in any orientation.

Omron Adept eCobra Robots

LMI 3D Vision

Cartesian Motion Demo

A Cartesian motion demo using linear actuators. The demo machine consists of three stations – a path following example that traces our Axis logo with a stylus, a pick and place example that uses a suction cup and vacuum sensor to move vials, and a rotary fourth axis that utilizes electronic camming to flip a switch back and forth as it spins.

More info on the machine

Precision Engine Inspection

Precision engine inspection demo featuring the LMI Gocator 3220 3D snapshot sensor and a Universal Robots UR3e collaborative robot. The position of the piston and fins on the engine block is inspected and the robot receives feedback from the sensor to move to the next position. A green or red light is triggered to indicate pass or fail for the quality inspection.

UR e-Series Cobots

New Scale Robotic Grippers

Cobot Inspection Cell

Cobot inspection cell featuring a Universal Robots UR3e Cobot and New Scale Robotics precision grippers. It can measure multiple dimensions in rapid succession using 3 grippers on one arm. It also records the data for statistical analysis and process control.

UR e-Series Cobots

New Scale Robotic Grippers

Spring Forward Automation Expo Virtual Tour

A virtual tour of the Axis Spring Forward Automation Expo which took place in early March 2020. The expo featured more than 10 collaborative robot work cells, the latest in industrial networking solutions, mobile robots, next generation motion control, and custom engineered Axis systems.

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