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Sigma-7 products set a new industry standard in servo capability, with features that advance Yaskawa's 25-year reputation for redefining the possibilities in motion automation.

Rotary Servo Motors

In terms of compact size, high resolution and precise performance, the automation industry has never seen a line of rotary servo motors like today's Sigma-7. The full range of products from 3w to 55kw perform in higher temperature extremes, at higher altitudes and in more washdown environments than ever before. Every Sigma-7 model is backward compatible with existing Sigma-5 and Sigma II products.


Match any Yaskawa servo motor with a fully digital, easily networked SERVOPACK amplifier. The productivity features within each SERVOPACK enable more precise control and shorter settling times. Each model is equipped with a package of software algorithms that tune automatically, suppress vibration, and compensate for friction and ripple and effects. Choose from single or dual axis designs.

SGD7W MECHATROLINK-III Dual Axis, 200/400V (200W - 1.5kW)SGD7S MECHATROLINK-III Single Axis, 200/400V (50W - 15kW)SGD7W EtherCAT Dual Axis, 400V, 750w - 1.5kWSGD7S EtherCAT Single Axis, 200/400V (50W - 15kW)SGD7S Analog Single Axis, 200V, 50W - 15kWSGD7S Sigma-7Siec Single Axis, 200/400V, 50W-15kWSGD7S MP2600iec Single Axis, 200V, 50W-15kWSigmaLogic7 Compact Single Axis, 200V, 50W-15kWSigmaLogic7 Modbus Single Axis, 200V, 50W-15kWW

Direct Drive Servo Motors

Direct drive technology eliminates backlash, reduces the number of mechanical components, and provides a stiff mechanical system for highly dynamic applications.

SGM7F Direct Drive High speed, iron coreSGM7D Direct Drive High torque, large boreSGMCS Direct Drive Zero cogging, coreless


The MPiec Series offers up to 62 axes of motion control in 6 controller variations while adhering to the IEC61131-3 and PLCopen global programming standards. The control variations are MP3200iec, MP3300iec, MP2310iec, MP2300Siec, MP2600iec and Sigma-7Siec.

Having trouble deciding which solution is right for your application? Let Axis New England help.

Our factory trained-engineers have years of experience in sizing and selecting servo systems so put our expertise to good use by contacting us today. We can walk you through each step of the process either on the phone or on-site at your facility.
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